Students can expect very informative and interactive sessions with a focus on individual attention and support. Valuable techniques are explored using fine and wide cut in a wide range of wools, textures and other materials. These courses are a mix of learning and fun while experiencing the peace and tranquility of Ruth’s ocean view.


Three Day Workshops



This course will explore the realistic face whether taken from a photograph, drawing or painting. Students will study their subjects in detail and paint with wool by hooking flesh tone swatches in #2, 3 and 4 cut to create their individual masterpiece. Instruction will centre around the face with placement of eyes, brows, mouth, nose and hair. Attention will be given to directional hooking, shadows and highlight. Texture will also be used to add interest, depth and dimension to hair, clothing and background.  This is a challenging course for the intermediate to advanced student.  Cost: $150

Pictorials with Buildings

We all have a building that we are drawn to or remember from our past, whether a family home, church, school or historic building. Now is your chance to hook it! This course will explore all aspects of hooking a building in a realistic or primitive vein. It can be taken from a photograph or drawing. Commercial patterns may also be used. Attention will be given to all the elements of a pictorial and the use of wools, textures and yarns to achieve the desired effect.  Cost: $150

Fine Shaded Flowers

In this course you will work with 6 and 8 value swatches to create beautiful and realistic flowers and leaves. Paint with wool by using #3 cut and learn valuable shading techniques that will enhance and bring your florals to life. These tools provide you with an important foundation and can be applied in all areas of rug hooking. Choose a pattern suitable to your level of interest and experience.  Cost: $150


Two Day Workshops

Ruth offers flower shading workshops that are great for the first time fine shading student. The designs are attractive and straight forward. With detailed notes, Ruth walks the student through the entire process from colour planning to using swatches to shading beautiful and colourful flowers. These workshops will affect the way you see colour and value changes, thus spilling over into all your hooking. A good thing!


Pansies And Pussy Willows

In this course you will bring out your inner artistic self by painting with wool to create realistic flowers and leaves. 
You will work with 6 value swatches in #3 cut and learn valuable shading techniques. Can be hooked as a chair mat or wall hanging. Choose from any number of colourful swatches to create beautiful pansies. 
Cost: $100


Poinsettia with Holly

Create a Christmas themed runner with this beautiful floral pattern choosing from the traditional red, pink or white for the floral motifs. Pattern may vary from image. Cost: $100

The Pictorial Miniature

This course will explore the tiny pictorial scene using #2, 3 and 4 cut wool. Photographs that are 4x6 or 5x7 may be used as well as free hand drawings. The appeal will be the detail achieved with delicately placed loops. The fun will be bringing your favourite scenic photograph to life. 
Cost: $100

Fire Hooking2.JPG

Faces - The Personal Profile

Ruth offers a simple approach to portraits -  for the timid - hooking one side of the face! In this two day workshop we will examine and hook your profile. It will be taken from a photograph and enlarged to the desired size. Flesh tone swatches will be used along with spot dyes, solids,  textures and yarns to enhance your features. You may hook in fine or wide cut to suit your style of hooking. Caricatures may abound! Go crazy with your hair and a swirly background.
Transform your image into a piece of art and use as a pillow, tea cozy, or wall hanging - your choice! Let's have some fun! Cost: $100


Community Classes


If there is a group in your area that is interested in one of my workshops, I would be happy to travel to your community to give the course. My typical class size is 10-12 students with a minimum of 8 required and costs for the course would be negotiated based on the number of students. 


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